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Custom Casting
Multi-circut, built-in switches

This customer already had designed a special filter head for their machine which centralized the three hydraulic circuits that required filtration. Due to unforeseen pressures in one of the circuits, they experienced elements blowing off in the field resulting in a major service issue. FPC responded with a new design which quickly and competitively solved the problem.
Manifold Head
Billet Aluminum

By incorporating an additional check valve in this manifold style head, FPC was able to create the charge pump pressure circuit the customer required. In addition to having custom port locations, this filter head has metric mounting bolt threads.
Die Casting
Reservoir Assembly

This customer wished to improve the thermal properties of his hydraulic circuit, change from NPT to SAE connections, and reduce cost. FPC designed a die-cast aluminum reservoir to replace the welded steel unit the customer used previously. The new design features an integrated level gage and a polymer breather with integral baffle to eliminate overflow due to sloshing.
"One-Off" Parts
Modificaiton of Standard Product

On an air compressor application, this customer needed to have the flow direction arrows reversed due to the "outside-to-inside" flow path the customers filter element required. This is just one example of FPC's capacity to do "one-off" products in order to meet the customers specific requirements.
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